White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO

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Some call it the moral question; others just call it a business. This discussion is heated on the internet and at marketing conferences around the world, but what is black hat SEO and white hat SEO, anyway. Different for White hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO

is an angelic version of optimism, that is, it uses only strategies as recommended – or at least, not restricted – by search engines and their ever-changing search guidelines. Typically, results that come in the form of high traffic and high profits take anywhere from three months to a year. With this type of SEO, there is no fear that your site will be blocked by search engines.

Black hat SEO

on the other hand, is a patient fraternal twin of white hat SEO. It uses techniques that are specially restricted by search engines such as hidden text and hidden links. Some call this spam. Some call it business savvy. No matter what you call it, if the search engine gurus sees your game gig is high and you are blackballed. That means you can type in your company name and your name and business address in the search box and your site will still not appear.

Basically it goes like this: White hat SEO focuses on marketing and content on the site, keyword updates, informative articles that benefit their clients and build solidity over time. Black hat SEO focuses on technology and IT tricks to get a ton of traffic faster.

An important factor to consider is your motive. Do you want more traffic or do you want to sell more? With the black hat of SEO, you can get results quickly by going to your visitors but do these visitors want to buy what you offer? If not, who cares if they can keep it on your site? White hat SEO is very interested in targeted traffic, it attracts the kind of visitors your site actually wants and is not ready to buy your products or services. Over time, your traffic and sales increase together as you build your next word of mouth and repeat customers.


So what’s the big deal? Mostly, the rules. White hat SEO follows them carefully. The black hat SEO follows the numbers instead. Those who take the time to research and follow the rules are annoyed by those who reach higher levels of search engines without taking the same pains. However, representatives of the black hat of SEO point out that search engine applications are not rules and therefore doing what they like is completely illegal. It is in this discussion that the white hat and the black hat combine to form a Gray hat.

In fact, white hat enthusiasts may charge that those who write essays specifically using keyword repetition use the program and play with the black hat SEO. Excessive zeal can point to links as a Gray area. Search engines do not require links to the site only to drive traffic. However, if the links are related to the content on the site, that’s fine. But what about those sites where there are free paid links to content on their favourite site? Paid links like ads are a white hat. Paid links are designed only for driving, black hat. The real motive of a webmaster? Gray hat.

Speaking of which, everyone who uses search engines in hopes of getting higher ranks will use good performance to move up those ranks. If motivation is the only concern, then it is a political problem that does not need to take your time. Just know that if you use technology, link farms, and other restricted resources designed solely to drive traffic and get caught, you will be included in the search list. The choice is yours.

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