What Is Reseller Web Hosting?

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Shared web hosting and reselling have many similarities, most web hosting offers shared hosting and Reseller Web Hosting. The main difference between the two is the word ‘shared’, shared resources, similar to ‘reseller’ in some ways but you can resell server resources. You can create your own web hosting accounts and share server resources shared with your customers.

The host is still in control of his server and is responsible for updating the server software and maintaining the server. The curator usually provides sales to the seller, so if there are any problems or errors the seller will be able to contact the manager.

Do I Need a Reseller Hosting Account?

Most personal and small business users will not use the reseller account, the reseller account is useful for those users who have multiple websites and want to save money, as a merchant account can be more expensive than buying multiple shared hosting accounts.

With a merchant account you can also sell hosting, so this can be a very cheap step in the hosting business. You have the flexibility to manage your clients, create, suspend and terminate accounts. You know that the server is up to you, so you should not only worry about your customers and your website.

Benefits of Reseller Web Hosting

If you own multiple websites, using a merchant account can save you money, and you can create accounts where you need them and share resources between your websites easily. You can get merchant hosting accounts with a lot of bandwidth and disk space for $ 50 – $ 100 a month, which can be a big savings if you have a lot of websites that need to be hosted.

You also don’t need to worry about server maintenance, because the webmaster should hide this. You should also get technical support included with your account.

If you have plans to start a web hosting business, a reseller account can be an easy first step in the hosting industry. It is a low cost solution, which means you can focus more on building your business a little bit and making your own monthly income. One of the biggest mistakes young broadcasters make is trying to achieve too much in a short period of time. This can lead to unhappy customers and obviously losing customers.

Disadvantage of Reseller Web Hosting

Potential customers may not be completely confident in purchasing a hosting account from a merchant, because you are the person in the middle. If a problem arises with a server or customer account, they need to contact you and if you are unable to deal with this problem yourself, you will need to contact your manager. This can be a long process from the start of getting the first problem-solving request. However if you have the right customer support in the area this should not be a big problem.

As a reseller and as I mentioned above you have limited access to administrator functions, and if you have knowledge of the control panel and software you may find this annoying. The only thing I would suggest is to ask the hotel manager if they might be able to enable your account with more administrative rights. Too bad the manager can say ‘no’, so you should try.

Final thoughts for our Opinion

In my opinion a reseller hosting should be worth the money, it is a good step in web hosting marketing and if done well empowers a small business to generate a profit by reselling shared hosting accounts.

If you have high bandwidth or disk space for retailers it may not be the best solution, perhaps a dedicated server will be better suited if you have the technical knowledge.

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