Best Blogging Tools Use Every Blogger in 2020

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Blogging is one of the best Platform to Help for Business. Blogging requires a lot of skills to succeed in your business. You can achieve this by using the best blogging tools.

These tools will help you to create, publish and promote your content effectively and efficiently. There are many tools available but here WordPress Blog has listed the top 10 blogging tools you should use in 2020.

List of  Best Blogging Tools for 2020


To start blogging, you need a website. WordPress is the best CMS for creating a blogging website. Currently, more than 74.6 million websites are running on WordPress. WordPress has many easy-to-use features for anyone who can start blogging easily on a WordPress website. Below are the benefits of using WordPress:

Easy to use: WordPress is so easy to use that anyone can make changes to the website.

  • Blogging from anywhere: You can easily access your website from any computer and continue blogging.
  • No encoding required: In WordPress, you can publish an article, upload photos, videos, documents without any programming knowledge.
  • Plugins: There are Lots of many free and premium plugins available. These plugins will help you manage your blog.
  • Built-in blogging feature: WordPress was originally started as a blogging platform so you can easily manage comments, email subscriptions, blog posts and much more.
  • Multi users Create Any Time : You can create as multi users. Also, you can assign users different permissions.

2.Web hosting

Bluehost is the leading and most recommended WordPress hosting company. You can host your website on Bluehost and increase website speed and performance which will help you in search engine performance.

Bluehost offers a free domain with their hosting plan so you don’t have to spend extra money on domain purchases.

3.Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is the one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. To get website traffic from search engines, you should increase and this can be easily done using the Yoast plug.

There are many SEO features available in this plugin like changing meta title and meta description, URLs, site maps, etc.

4.Literacy Assessment Tool

To be successful on a blog, your content must be readable. Users often ignore reading articles written in highly technical and robotic language.


When you do blogging you can understand that there are other bloggers who blog in your niche. So in order to compete with them you have to use your blog. You can do this using SEO tools but there are many SEO tools on the market so you will be confused as to what to use?

SEMrush is an excellent SEO tool that will help you make your blog work better. By using SEMrush you can do competition analysis and be able to know their link building strategy, keyword research, traffic analysis, and much more.

I recommend SEMrush because it is the cheapest and most advanced SEO tool on the market. Get the free SEMrush trial 30 days from here.

Also, read SEO Keyword Research Tools for 2020.


BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for getting ideas for a new topic in your industry. Choose the keyword you want to top and search for in BuzzSumo, you will find top articles that are more engaging in social media. Choose one of them and write a better article and publish it on social media. It will increase your website traffic in a very short time.


Buffer is an excellent blogging tool that will save you valuable time. You can edit your Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Google plus posts, Instagram photos and publish at your chosen time on social media.

If you do not want to choose a delivery time then this app will publish your post at the best time for you to get the most out of social media. Buffer is available in free and paid version.

8.Google Analytics

If you are blogging for a few months, write articles and promote them on social media and now you want to know the outcome of all these activities, the Google Analytics tool will help you very well.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular blogging tools all bloggers use right now. You can check all user activity on the blog from login to exit blog.

The real-time section will show you which users are currently browsing your website. The audience section will show the location of users, browser, operating system, etc. The Discovery section will show you how people found your website and the Behavior section will show you the activity of your users on your blog.

If you are new to Google Analytics here is a beginner’s guide that will help you understand and configure it.


If you are not careful with spelling and grammar errors in your content you will lose your users immediately. When a user finds your content easy to use and readable then the chances of getting back to that user are very high.

Grammarly will help you make your blog’s content readable by finding and highlighting incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation. Not only will it find errors in the content but it will also suggest the right solution for the error.

Grammarly is available in free and paid versions. In the paid version you can make the content easy to read as it will find more errors and provide their solution.


To create a unique and relevant image for your blog post, you need to have design skills and time. If you do not have both Pixabay is an excellent tool for you. It has many free images available for you to use in Blog

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