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As a business owner, you will not want to miss out on the revenue you can make through blogs to increase revenue streams in your business. Displaying Ad sense ads, related banners and links, and building another source of traffic to your main business are some of the benefits associated with blogging. Once you have a large steady stream of readers, selling advertising space can be a viable option. This will depend on your marketing skills and your ability to provide quality and usable content.

Setting up a new blog with WordPress is very easy and I would assume you have already subscribed to a new domain related to your blog. As well as having a web hosting  that uses cPanel. Use Fantastic to upload and install your new blog is not the basis. It will do just about everything for you and give you clear cutting instructions to customize the look and feel of your new blog using the themes available with Plug-Ins. I want to add that WordPress Blogs is free and you can set as many as your choice. Each one should have his own background or subdomain.

Some things to consider before starting the blog setup process.

  1. What will you name your blog domain?
  2. What will be its purpose?
  3. how Update Your blog?
  4. How will you use it to develop your business?
  5. Will it be separated from your business or will it be its own business?
  6. How will you Name your new blog to the world?

Many affiliate marketers use blogs as their only way of promoting rather than using standard websites due to the simple and easy to update and add content without access to text editors and ftp programs. Their blogs’ their business.

Once your blog is set up and you have decided on a name, what your niche will be, and it will be a stand-alone project or addition to your main business you will want to name a few.

Social bookmarking sites are effective strategies for bloggers. You can reach out to a variety of bloggers and attract interesting readings to your new blog. I have included a small list below and an eBook listing many other Social Bookmarking sites.



The sites above will speed up your attractive Googles spiders on your new blog and will direct you faster than usual. I do not need to say how important that would be in getting traffic to your blog. But I think I just did.

You will definitely want to submit your blog to the top 10 search engines. Doing this every 30 day however will certainly be useful for a strong marketing plan.

Don’t forget to think about putting some kind of content advertising on your main blog page. There are some best Platform of Ad Sense, yahoo, etc. This can bring you much-needed investment in early growth.

Whatever you decide to do with your blog I hope to provide you with thought food and some basic tools. Social Bookmark sites, blog references and the delivery of the top 10 Search engines will almost certainly attract readers to your blog and if you provide them with relevant and unique content, is most of Best Chance for Ranking.

Good luck with your new blog! and Happy Blogging!

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